I have a few pieces I’ve written or arranged which are not available for sale.

There are a number of reasons for this. Some of them I wrote for 4-MALITY and we selfishly want to keep them for ourselves. The following promotional video features some very short extracts from my song cycle for mezzo-soprano and percussion quartet.
It features the work of 3 female poets who respond to the war from three different perspectives and languages.

Another reason might be that I’m not entirely happy with the piece.
This is the case with “Almagest”, my Concerto for Percussion Quartet and Orchestra.
There are parts of this work which I’m really quite proud of, some other bits …. not so much. I spent more time working on this than any of my other pieces and I’m really glad I got the chance to have it performed. Once with orchestra and then a few times with a backing tape (karaoke concerto!)
Here are a few bits just to give a flavour….


A third reason for my music not being available for sale is simply that I’ve not got round to publishing it yet. This is the case with “Grown up Toys”. This one was commissioned by the CBSO Percussion section and has been performed a number of times as part of a seris of concerts for school children entitled “Crash Bang Wallop”. I was instructed to write music to show off a number of large instruments which are not available (except at considerable hiring expense) to many percussionists. 5 timps, 2 large bass drums, tuned cowbells, tuned nipple gongs, massive Tam Tam etc…
If this sounds like it might be the piece for you, please contact me and I will make the music available.