Play Some Time

Play some time is a solo percussion piece for 13 drums 2 cowbells
It was commissioned by Mathew Brett who gave the World Premier as part of his performance in the Percussion Final of the BBC YOUING MUSICIANS Competition in 2016






The drums are arranged as a clock face and the performer plays the part of a (slightly unhinged) clock mechanism. The bongos are at 12 O Clock and always play a 12 note pattern. the one o’clock drum only ever plays a one note groove the 2 o’clock a 2 note groove etc. right the way round the clock, and this rule is maintained throughout the piece.

Play some time is supposed to be as much a visual experience as a sonic one. For this reason, performers are encouraged to set the drums up so the audiences get the best possible view of all the drums.

As always, I love to hear or see video/audio of my music being performed. Send me a link…..