Dance for 5 Drums

Dance for 5 drums is a 5 – 6 minute solo percussion work.  Use any 5 drums you think will work. It did used to be called “Dance for tom toms and boo bams”, but I ditched this years ago after I realised
a) that’s not a very snappy title.
b) almost no one has access to boo bams.

Since the name change it has gone on to be one of my more popular pieces.

Performance Tips
Try to play it from memory. If you have worked on it hard enough to perform it, there is a good chance you can do without the dots. If you find you need the music, try to set it up so you are not erecting a wall between you and your audience.

Consider how you want to set out the drums. my original idea was to set them out in a straight(ish) line.

(if you are left handed, you might want to flip this round)

I think this looks the best for the audience. However you might find it easier to play some of the patterns (especially the 3/4 section) with the lowest drum tucked in.

Tempo is something people ask me about quite often with this one.  I don’t want to be too prescriptive, because I think performers should make the piece their own. However I think it is important that you pick a tempo that works for the whole piece. Definitely don’t play the first bits so fast you have to slow down later on!

In the opening section there should be 3 distinct dynamics happening at the same time
1) The repeated notes on the high bongo
2) The “tune” on the other drums
3) The bongo Accents

Have you got a better Video than mine? or just different? let me know and I will add a link below.
I hope everyone enjoys playing Dance for 5 Drums…….